VISION: A Government according to the will of its people


We the People are the only ones with the right to decide who governs us, and how we want to be governed

It’s time to Restore Australia to Health, Wealth, and Happiness

Our mission is to put the power into the hands of the people through Citizens Initiated Referendums (CIR).

Click here to learn how…. CIR will give us the power to bring in the laws and policies we need, and to ensure that our representatives work for us…not for a political party.

With CIR we can dismiss laws that are not in the interests of the majority of Australians. We can pass laws to revitalise our manufacturing and farming, reform the banking system, bring in full employment…the possibilities are endless.

We only have to look at the example Switzerland has set over the last 100 years to see why CIR is an idea whose time has come in Australia.

Click on the pointing finger below to read the first of seven pages we believe are essential in changing the structure of our political and social system. It is obvious the one we have in place now is not working. The 2-party system has failed. It’s time for a new way of governing…a new way of restoring Australia to Health, Wealth, and Happiness. Click on the image below to read the introduction to our ideas, and then read the SIX POINT PLAN we propose to restore Australia to Health, Wealth and Happiness.

We also suggest other changes, but these will be subject to careful consideration by all Australians and then a vote by referendum. It’s time We the People have the right to decide our future….not the political parties. The Additional Changes are listed on the Menu system.

Show your support…


We are working to unite many existing organisations and individuals in support of Citizen Initiated Referendums. Read the Amendment Bill we have prepared for submission to Parliament.

You can help by gathering signatures on the petition to Parliament to support the Amendment Bill. Click here to download the petition.

By uniting our voices, we can show all political parties that it is the Will of We the People that we want a system of Citizen Initiated Referendums (CIR). To support this idea, all you need do is register your name and email address. Nothing else is required. We just want to collect as many signatories as possible so that we can show the politicians that a large number of Australians want CIR NOW!

This is the pledge we will present to the politicians:

We the undersigned (on right column) support the concept of Citizen Initiated Referendums (CIR). We the People must have the power to decide the destiny of our nation and the type of government we want.

We urge all Aussie voters to Register as a CIR Supporter.