2 Electronic Voting

2. Electronic Voting


Our aim is to put the power into the hands of the people to determine the course our government must take. To do that, the people must have an easy and fast way to make their will known to our elected representatives. We can achieve this through electronic voting in referendums and plebiscites.


An electronic voting system will include a strong and secure log in procedure that will protect voters from electoral fraud and scammer. This voting system will be available on the internet to all mobile and desktop users.

RestoreAustralia is developing a website, OzReferenda, that we will propose to the government as the official voting platform.

The system will detect any attempt at a duplicate log in and send a message to the voter to report to their local Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) office to have their identity verified.

Non Electronic Voting

Not all Australians have access to digital or electronic devices. Therefore, local post offices will provide voting forms that can be collected, voted on, and mailed into the local AEC office.

The Cost

Current governments point to the huge cost of implementing an electronic voting system as an excuse for not implementing one.

An electronic voting system would cost very little to implement, because our leader, Mike Holt, has over 40 years experience in the IT business. He believes we could implement an electronic voting system for less than $100,000.


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