A Draft Constitution




Charles Mollison, Chairman and founder of The Foundation for National Renewal, and author of the Draft Constitution
Charles Mollison, author of the Draft Constitution

Written by Lt Col (Ret) Charles Mollison, this Draft Constitution proposes sweeping changes to our Constitution that will directly affect our political, social, and legal structure. If it is ever implemented, or even partially implemented, it will create a much better society; one that gives We the People the power to decide our own future instead of the political parties.

This is a DRAFT, and as such it is only a proposal, not a final document. If We the People are to become a sovereign nation, guiding our own future and destiny, we must have a goal, and a plan to achieve it. This Draft Constitution is the first step in deciding what sort of future we want to create for our heirs and descendants. It is up to us, We the Australian People, to decide that….not the political parties.

This Draft provides the ideas and a vision of what we can achieve if we put our minds to it.

No doubt readers will not agree with some or even most of the ideas presented in this draft. But we present it here for you to read, consider, and discuss with others, so that we start thinking about why we need to change the way Australia is being run.

It is clear that the current political system of two major parties, aided and abetted by an abhorrent, ignorant, and communist-inspired Greens Party is not working. In fact, these three parties have conspired to destroy the fabric of our society, but they have not replaced it with anything worthwhile. Instead, they have sold us out to the United Nations and the international conspiracy to create a One World Government. For more information about this read Agenda 21.

Everything must change. That is a natural law. But it’s what we change into that is important. Without a vision for the future and a solid plan, we will be doomed to flounder in the dark and continue down the same dark road the political parties have taken us. It’s time for a Change…and that Change is you!

Please take the time to download and read this Draft Constitution. If you have any questions about it, or would like to set up public forums to discuss it, contact us.

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