Australia the Concealed Colony! 4

Australia is an independent sovereign nation that continues to be

inappropriately governed under British colonial law

AussieColonyBookCover“AUSTRALIA the Concealed colony!” is an application and request individually presented to the sovereign peoples of every Member State of the United Nations as well as to all administrative organs within the UN. It represents an appeal to “the World” to come to the aid of the sovereign people of Australia in their quest to be freed from their continuing subjugation under British colonial law. Every nation and all organs within the United Nations accepted the request, application, treatise and supporting documents in its entirety. Accordingly it is fully definable as a legal document. While no overt action by the United Nations has been evident the document is considered as remaining active.

This book, AUSTRALIA the Concealed colony! from original website, has been forced out of publication and all printed copies seized by ASIO. That’s how explosive this book is. But it is a book that every Australian should read to understand why our government system is illegal. Every politician sitting in Parliament today is there under false pretenses.

Our Democracy has been hijacked and We the People have been disenfranchised and fooled into believing we have a legal government. We don’t!

If you read nothing else this year, please take the time to download this book and read it here:
AUSTRALIA the Concealed colony!
and download Book 2 here:
AUSTRALIA the Concealed colony! 2

The book can also be downloaded from this website, but as it seems to have come under attack by ASIO and the government we are not sure how long it will be available, so we have downloaded it and made it available from our website as well:
AUSTRALIA the Concealed colony! from original website


Note: We have tried to contact “The Institution of Constitutional Education and Research” to get permission to make this book available through our website. We tried email and the phone numbers shown in this document. Neither of them worked. However, we feel that this information is so important that we have taken the liberty of making it available through our website. Meanwhile, if anyone knows the Author would you ask him to contact us to discuss this use of his publication?



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