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Citizens Initiated Referendums (CIR) will give We the People the power to be heard in Parliament, and the power to decide how we want to be governed.

Sample CIR-ballot

Throughout our history we have been asked to vote on just 44 referendums. Only eight of those were approved by the people. The rest failed because only the politicians have the right to start a referendum. Many of the failed referendums were designed to give the politicians more power over us.

We the People have been denied a voice in government for too long. The time has come for a change. To achieve that, we need just a tiny amendment to Section 128 of our Constitution: A tiny amendment that will give the People the right to initiate a referendum.

Our plan revolves around getting one of the independent Members of our Parliament, or a Senator, to table a Bill calling for a referendum to change Section 128.

Most importantly, we plan for this Bill to be backed up by at least 120,000 signatures on a Petition, signed by concerned Citizens such as you. We have even written the Bill to give to the representative to submit to Parliament.

Click here to read it: View CIR Bill

We need at least 120,000 signatures on a petition to accompany the Bill to Parliament. We are asking you to help collect at least a hundred signatures on the Petition:

Click here to: Download the petition

Inspire all the friends, relatives and acquaintances that you can to do the same.

There is no time to waste.

The question is, “Will you do your bit?