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Election strategy: Listen to the People — Give them what they want

Election strategy is essential: Elections and how to win them drive the major political parties almost as soon as they are elected. It seems to us, We the People, that the ALP and the LNP are not interested in listening to us any more. Instead, they are focused on getting re-elected so that they can stay in power over us.

This election strategy leaves a big vacuum a smart political party can exploit to not only win the next election, but to win the hearts and minds of the people.

What is the biggest threat we face today?

The major parties should be asking voters what is the biggest threat we face today? Is it same sex marriage, as PM Turnbull and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten would have us believe?

Of course not!

Australians are doing it tough these days. We worry about the cost of housing, superannuation, schooling — But most importantly we worry about the cost of power: Both electricity and gas.


That “smoke” is water vapor — not pollution

Yet, both major parties are ignoring the ever increasing cost of power. Instead, they make meaningless promises to tell the power companies to reduce prices…who completely ignore the government.

At the same time, the politicians are gleefully throwing millions of dollars, our hard earned tax dollars, at countries that hate us, allowing foreigners to buy our prime land, and our prime industries — while they continue to support the unpopular Same Sex Marriage agenda.

Over the last 30 years or so, the ALP state governments have been busy shutting down or selling off our once-publicly owned power generating plants. According to them, we are under a social contract with the UN to switch over to “renewables” in an effort to reduce our emissions that, they claim, will reduce our carbon production. They tell us that we must reverse “climate change”.

But there is a problem with this strategy. Other countries around the world are increasing their coal-fired generation plants. And they have not ensured that renewables are capable of replacing the coal-fired plants they are shutting down. As a result, states like South Australia, and very soon Victoria and NSW will be unable to supply enough power to consumers.

Their solution? To install batteries that will deliver about one tenth the power that coal-fired plants could!

Jurisdiction PM/Premier/
Chief Minister
Daniel Andrews
Annastacia Palaszczuk
Western Australia
Mark McGowan
South Australia
Jay Weatherill
Australian Capital Territory
Andrew Barr
Northern Territory
Michael Gunner


South Australia’s Northern power station, and Victoria’s Hazelwood power station have already closed. NSW is preparing to shut down the Liddell power station in a few years. But they have not announced a coherent plan showing what they will replace them with.

Compare this to China, which has 300 power stations under construction. India has 132 under way. Indonesia 32, and Japan 10. All told, there are some 700 coal fired power stations under development around the world as we speak.

Election Strategy Failure

Despite the overwhelming evidence that this policy of shutting down coal-fired electricity generating plants is leading to a massive failure to produce enough electricity for our future needs, the ALP, led by Bill Shorten, plans to spend $30Billion a year, if elected, to reduce our carbon emissions even more than the LNP has already promised. Shorten also plans to shut down at least four more coal-fired plants over the next 13 years while forcing renewable power to make up 60 per cent of the east-coast electricity grid.

All this while 1,600 new coal plants are planned or under construction in 62 countries, according to Urgewald’s tally, which uses data from the Global Coal Plant Tracker portal. The new plants would expand the world’s coal-fired power capacity by 43 percent, while Australia slowly becomes darker from lack of adequate power supply.

The sheer idiocy of the ALP plans beggars belief.

Couple this with their apparent ignorance of the potential for coal-fired plants to use Australian made technology to process lignite (brown coal) so that it burns as efficiently as high grade steel-making coal, and you have to wonder if the ALP has a death wish.

But the LNP is not much better. They are not addressing the real concerns of the citizens they are supposed to represent either.

Power Supply Realities

Since 2007, our power cost has risen 120 percent, from 9 cents a kilowatt hour to more than 20 cents.

Once upon a time, we were the third cheapest electricity producer in the OECD, and fifth cheapest out of the 30 top generating countries. We even had cheaper power than the US and Canada.

That has all changed.

This year alone we’ll be paying an extra $10 to $12 billion for our energy: That’s $400 to $500 for every man woman and child in Australia. There is no telling how much that will rise next year…unless we do something to change the situation.

It’s not just electricity prices that are going to hurt us though. Everything will be affected, as the cost of production rises so will taxes, transport, and even the cost of our leisure time.

None of this is necessary. If we had political representatives who would actually listen to the people they would know what action to take to ensure they are elected. Instead of believing in polls, our representatives should be out on the street, as Pauline Hanson and Cory Bernardi are, talking to the people; keeping their finger on the pulse of our nation. This strategy is building both parties a growing membership, increasing their chances of winning elections and ousting the tired old parties from power where they have languished for far too long.

Australia a Coal Technology Leader

Coldry technology is a unique, low-cost method to dewater brown coal and transform this abundant, but widely unusable, resource into a Black Coal Equivalent (BCE)

Australia is a world leader when it comes to coal processing technology. For example, a Melbourne-based company, Environmental Clean Technologies (ECT), has developed technology to process low grade coal and lignite to produce a product that burns so efficiently it can be used to manufacture high grade steel. Their product helps increase energy production by up to 40-45%, while reducing emissions to almost zero.

Until now, lignite has been used mainly in Victorian homes. ECT is involved in providing their finished product to supplement coal burning electricity generating plants, as well as industrial plants. Their products are so efficient they are helping reduce our carbon emissions as well as saving us billions of dollars a year.

They are also involved in developing hydrogen generation, which will further decrease our dependence on other costly energy methods.

ECT is close to finalizing a high-level agreement with the Indian Government and two multi-billion state-owned enterprises which will see massive Indian investment in an Indian demo plant to further test and develop Australian ECT clean coal technology to further boost their fast growing economy.

It is well known within the resource sector that this Australian-owned technology will enable India to no longer be reliant upon imported Australian black coal. With our under-utilized technology, India also plans to become a net exporter of steel, seriously disrupting the current importation of expensive Chinese-made steel.

India has recently stated that they expect coal to be the country’s primary energy source for both electricity and steel production until well into the 2030’s and beyond. Forward budget projections have estimated that the loss of our largest coal importer could cost Australia trillions of dollars in export revenue.

Yet, our Australian government is blind to these technological advances, preferring instead to listen to the wild ravings of the Greens who want us to abandon coal completely. The loony Greens are working for the UN which has published policies designed to strip Australia of our ability to produce wealth. Our politicians fell for their destructive ideas. As a result, we have seen so much of our industry fleeing overseas in the last 40 years. Where Australia used to be a manufacturing and primary producing powerhouse, we have lost it all.

To add insult to injury, as jobs have disappeared we are exhorted by the LIB/LAB governments to pull our belts tight, while the politicians vote themselves ever higher obscene pay rises.

Successive Australian governments have sold us out to overseas interests ever since Whitlam stepped into power. China, Saudi Arabia, and other countries have been allowed to buy up homes, driving the cost of buying a house beyond the reach of many Australians.

They have allowed these foreigners to buy up vast tracts of our land, including our largest body of fresh water, bigger than Sydney Harbour.

Why has this happened?

Because LIB/LAB governments have signed agreements UN trade and other agreements that are destroying our once proud nation and reducing us a weak bunch of pussies arguing about same sex marriage and homosexual rights.

UN agreements like the Lima Agreement, Agenda 21/30, the GATT Agreement, and others are designed to transfer our riches and technology to less developed nations in an attempt to “even out” the world economy. But as they have stripped our manufacturing and farming, they have not provided any sustitutes to enable us to continue to grow. Even our once strong Australian Defence Force is a shadow of its past glory. They are letting in homosexuals, and even allowing islamists to change the uniform to conform with islamic sharia law!

Part of the UN strategy is to bring in a New World Order (NW) led by a UN-led One World Government that will eliminate our sovereignty and our right to govern ourselves….much like we have seen happen already with the EU.

Election Winning Strategy

Armed with this knowledge, it should be obvious to any savvy political strategist that the way to win an election is to show voters not only that they are listening to We the People, but even more importantly that they are ready and able to bring energy prices down when elected as a first step towards restoring Australia to health, wealth, and security.

PHON and the Conservatives would be wise to take this into consideration when devising their election strategies for the Queensland and Federal Elections.

However, even if one or both these parties do win an election, they have much more to do than just address rising energy costs.

The fact is, our political system is incapable of leading our nation into the future. Our 1901 Constitution has only been amended 8 times since then, even though we voted in 44 referendums. The referendums that failed were all crafted by the politicians. Many proposed changes were designed to give them more power over us, or they asked the wrong question. For example, when John Howard asked if we wanted to become a Republic his referendum failed because he didn’t define what sort of Republic he was proposing. In fact, he didn’t even have a plan for a Republic in the first place! It was obvious he was only asking us to try and curry enough favour to win the next election.

This is the problem with our political system today.

But there is hope.

We the People Hold the Power

Even though most Australians are unaware of it, We the People hold the power to change the way we are governed. We elect these drongos into power. We can just as easily vote them out.

But most people are too afraid to stop voting for the parties they have known for so long because they are not sure what the alternative will bring.

It is up to PHON and The Conservatives to inform the voters about their vision for the future, and to reassure them that a government they form will be a big improvement over the current situation.

Election Change is the Key

election advance Logo-300
Click this link to visit their website

One small party, the Advance Australia Party. which is so far unregistered until it signs up enough members, has a Vision to change the way we are governed. AAP want to put the power into the hands of all voters to amend our Constitution, so that we can make the politicians directly accountable to the voters.

To achieve this daring idea they have come up with a 5-Point Plan that will revolutionize the political system. Their plan is to put the power into the hands of We the People to start referendums…Citizens Initiated Referendums (CIR)….so that we can unite all Australians and decide together how to take our nation forward into a strong and wealthy future.

The Advance Australia Plan is simple, yet it will have far-reaching results that will empower Australian voters like never before.. It will turn around the economy and guarantee a bright future for us, our children and their children for generations to come.

People want and need a strong, confident government that has a Vision, and a plan for the future.

We recommend that Australian voters elect PHON and/or the Conservatives first to push the old ALP/LNP parties out of power. That will give us some breathing space so that we can consider where we want to go from there.

We also urge all Australians to read the Advance Australia Plan. Ultimately, it offers the best winning strategy so far to save our nation from the many ills we face today.

Once PHON and/or the Conservatives have been elected Advance Australia will encourage them to implement the AAP plan, while at the same time involving all Australians in government decision making by starting a carefully considered series of referendums.

A Final Thought

One good result has come out of the divisive Same Sex Marriage debate. It has galvanized Australians out of their political apathy. People are discussing the idea and educating themselves about the issues involved as we haven’t seen for a long time.

Imagine how much more involved we will all get when we know that our Referendum votes will guide the Ship of State according to our will. We will end up with a more politically active, well informed and educated nation that will strive to make the best possible decisions for the future of our country.

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