How much carbon do we produce?

Are you confused by the debate about “global warming”, “climate change”, “co2 emissions”?

Gore-climatology-300x266Don’t worry, you are not the only one.

The question is, “How much carbon do we produce, and how dangerous are the levels we contribute to global warming”?

The science behind this global warming business is so non-existent that the proponents of the carbon trading schemes have had to change the name to climate change because the weather has not been cooperating with their dire predictions of the last few years.

Lets face it, the truth is that our planet is a superb self-regulating mechanism that has been going through many weather cycles for millions of years. Ice ages are followed by periods of warm weather. Continents have formed and been reshaped by the effects of these changes. There is nothing new about it.  Millions of species have become extinct long before Man ever appeared on the planet.

And yet we are so in love with our own importance in the scheme of things that we think we can affect the whole ecology of a planet with a tax?

Watch this video by Malcolm Roberts to see how ridiculous the whole carbon tax plot is.


Now ask yourself what all the fuss is about. Who is lying to us? And why?

A good way to find the truth, whether you are a detective or a climate change skeptic, is to follow the money. Where do all those tax dollars go that the “climate change” conspirators plan on collecting?

The UN and the major international banks are behind this “climate change” conspiracy. They stand to make trillions of dollars out of the rort.

Meanwhile, We the People have no say in whether we are going to pay a tax or even participate in “climate change”.

There is only one thing for us to do to ensure the future of our country.

We the People must have a say in our own government.

To do that, we just need to make one tiny change to Section 128 of our Constitution to give all voters the right to start referendums…not just the politicians.With that power we could hold a referendum and settle the “climate change” question once and for all.

CIRNow is asking all Australians to sign the petition to change Section 128 to restore that right to the people. To submit a petition to Parliament we need signatures on a paper petition to accompany the CIR Bill.

Its time for a change. Are you ready to do something positive for your country?

Download and Sign the petition today and lets all work together to bring about a healthier, wealthier, happier future for Australia!




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