How to use this website

This website uses a very simple method to present information to visitors.

Top Menu

The top menu is displayed just under the banner. It starts with Home on the left. As you run your mouse over some of the menu items a drop down menu will appear. Select from the drop down to navigate to the page you want.

The site has two types of information pages.  Static Pages and Post pages.

Static Pages

Most of the information pages on the menus are static pages…that is, the information on them is always there for visitors to read. They include information on Getting Involved, About Us, Downloads, Videos and so on. The information on these pages remains the same no matter how much time passes.

Posts and the Search Bar

Posts are opinion pieces and other information presented at a specific time. So, for example, if you want to read an opinion piece about ‘politics’, you can use the search engine built into the website to enter your search term, and the website will present all articles written with the word ‘politics’ in them.Each time we add a new post to the website it will be displayed in the right hand column under Recent Posts.

We limit the number of most recent posts displayed there at a time. The list includes a short sample of the opening text, and a link to click on to Read more…

If you don’t see the post you are looking for, you can search, or you can use the Articles by Category and Posts by Month drop down menus. Selecting an item in the drop down menu will display all posts by the criteria you selected.

Searching for Posts

The search bar is a very handy way to find anything on the website. It is located at the top right of the page with a small magnifying glass icon on the right. Enter a key word or words and press Enter on your keyboard, or click on the magnifying glass. This will search the website database and present a list of pages within the website.

Some handy search terms include ‘constitution’, ‘fabians’, ‘cir’, and so on, but you can search for any word or words and if we have written an article containing those words you will see a list of articles presented in the search results.


We have provided ways to buy things through the website. All payments go through PayPal so that we can accept payment by bank transfer or credit/debit card. PayPal is a very safe way to shop online, and as a consumer you are protected by their policies on returns. If you prefer to pay by bank transfer directly we also list our bank payment details.

Not happy with a purchase?

We strive to fulfill every order to your complete satisfaction, but we are human and mistakes sometimes happen. If are not happy with your purchase we urge you to email us first at [email protected] to tell us about the problem. We will do everything within our power to resolve your problem…even replacing defective items at no cost to you!

PayPal offers a Resolution Center that allows you to submit a claim to the merchant to recover your money is needed. You may use this too, but we will always work with you to resolve any issue you email to us first, so we hope never to have to work through the Resolution Center. But it’s always there just in case.


You can request to receive our newsletter by entering your name and email address at the top right hand column. We keep all information given to us totally confidential and we will never give away any personal information unless we are forced to by a court order. This is standard procedure for all ethical websites.

Each month, or whenever we have something worthwhile to inform you about, we send out a newsletter, but we may also send out additional news announcements if we feel it is something you should know about.You can always opt out of the newsletter by clicking on the link we always supply at the end of any newsletter, or by selecting No, please do not email me at the top right hand column on any page. Click on these links will automatically unsubscribe you from our mailing list. We hope you never do that of course, but the option is there.

Contacting us

We encourage our website visitors to contact us any time. Click on the main menu link Contact to fill in a website form or email us at [email protected] any time. We always try to answer every email, as we believe it is not only good manners to do so, but your views are important to us.  We encourage polite discussion so please treat us politely and we will be happy to respond in kind.

At the end of every Post we also provide a Comments box for you to have your say. There is a simple text formatting menu at the top of the comments box so that you can add Bold, Italics, etc if you wish.

We also provide an Anti-Bot image and text field that you have to fill in to send your comment to us. We have had to include this to stop the millions of spam messages that could flood our email box if we didn’t…an unfortunate feature of the freedom of information provided by the internet. If you can’t read the words in the image, click on the little circle thingy at the top right of the image and you will be presented with a new image.Our door is always open, so to speak, so we have also provided a way for you to contact us by snail mail.

If you have any questions about using this website, please email us and we will do our best to answer them for you.