Land is the foundation of any nation. We must protect our land as fiercely as we protect our own family.


Despite this, the politicians have sold vast tracts of Australian land to overseas interests. They have even leased Australian military facilities to overseas interests without the approval of the people voting in a referendum. This is nothing less than treason.

CIRNow proposes an investigation into which politicians have sold out our birthright to foreign interests. Those found guilty should be put on trial for treason and if found guilty they should be given the ultimate penalty for treason. There is no excuse for selling our land to potential enemies. The politicians never asked We the People in a referendum. Therefore, they have acted illegally.

As our Aborigines tell us, people cannot own the land – we can only be custodians of the land for a very short time.

Under our proposed changes to the Constitution, Aborigines will not have the right to claim land based on “traditional tribal claims”. Aborigines will be encouraged to integrate into mainstream society with the same rights and responsibilities as all other Australians, including the right to own land..

CIRNow proposes these changes to land ownership laws. We realize these changes are contentious, and we will be bound by the will of the people voting in a referendum. All we ask is that you consider the implications of the following carefully. Will this change be good for the nation as a whole, and will it help protect our land from overseas investors?

Many Asian countries have similar laws whereby only citizens are allowed to own land. We propose the same law. All non-Australian citizens  must lease the land.

Leasing land will give overseas investors confidence to put their money into Australian property, while protecting our sovereignty.  A lease can even be passed on to their heirs, should they wish, as long as they continue to pay the lease fee.

We propose the following changes to the law:

  1. The relationship between persons and Australian land shall be subject to the provisions of the Constitution.
  2. CIRNow will ask the Australian people to vote in a referendum to ratify a law allowing only Australian citizens to have the right to own and/or lease Australian land. Foreigners will be required to lease land 100% in their own name, or if they are coming here to invest in a business by forming a company with Australian Directors holding a minimum 51% and foreigners able to own up to and no more than 49% of the company shares.
  3. Leaseholders will be allowed only to use the leased land for the purpose(s) stated in the company charter. All improvements to the land, including buildings, earthworks, infrastructure, automatically remain the property of the land owner on expiry of the lease.
  4. Lease periods should vary, depending on the purpose. Small business leases could be for 50 years. Large business investing say over $5 million could have a 99 year lease. Home purchases of any type could be for just 30 years…the same as the average time it takes to pay off a home. These lease periods would be determined by the people voting in a referendum decide. As long as the leasehold fee is paid in advance and maintained without default the leaseholder will be able to stay on, develop, and use the land.


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