Our History

71 TELEGS-Laverton-65
Mike – 2nd left back row on his 71 Telegraphist Course in 1965. In 1967 he was posted to Ubon to serve in the Vietnam War

CIRNow is a political activist group, led by Mike Holt

After leaving the RAAF in 1970 Mike traveled around much of Australia before deciding to travel overland to the UK for a visit. He got as far as Thailand where he was offered a job. After some consideration, Mike decided to accept the offer, intending to stay twelve months before resuming his travels. But things didn’t turn out as he expected. He met and married a Thai woman, settled down and started a business, the first of four businesses he eventually ran there.

Thirty years and a second marriage later Mike sold up his businesses and returned home to Australia.

By then, he had lived through five coups and he could see that the volatile political situation in Thailand was only going to get worse. As he was not a citizen of Thailand he had no political say in anything that happened. This influenced his decision to leave.But once more life served up a surprise for Mike when he returned home. Soon after arriving Gillard knifed Rudd in the back to take over the Prime Ministers post. Mike recognised a coup when he saw one. He realised that there was something terribly wrong with our political system, and this time he was able to decide to do something about it. So he started looking around for a way to change the way the government of Australia works.

After checking various political groups he met Lt Col (Ret) Charles Mollison, Chairman of the Foundation for National Renewal (FNR). Charles had spent twelve years working with a group of about 100 Australians to write a Draft Constitution for Australia. Mike offered to help Charles, and they began promoting the Draft Constitution. It soon became apparent that the only way political change could come about was for them to form an arm of the FNR to seek to amend Section 128 of the Constitution so that We the People would have the power to amend our Constitution through democratic binding referendums.

They discussed a name for the new arm of the FNR and called it RestoreAustralia. Mike was appointed the Chief Executive Officer of the group and Charles became his mentor.

Mike worked mainly on Facebook, Twitter and through the RestoreAustralia website to raise political awareness and the need for change.

Stop the mosque in bendigo
Charles drove a truck in support of stopping the mosque Bendigo

We teamed up with various political groups that were also working to change the government system and stop the islamisation of Australia. RestoreAustralia actively supported the Stop the Mosque in Bendigo campaign by raising donations for the group fighting the mosque application there. A full accounting of the monies raised is available by clicking on this link.Charles drove a truck around Bendigo broadcasting a message to alert the citizens about the need to stop the mosque application. He made the news and helped raise awareness among the citizens of Bendigo….and in fact around Australia. Despite the many battles patriots have fought against this mosque we still have not been able to stop it. However, the fight continues.

Mike also drove a similar truck around the Gold Coast to help stop the Currumbin mosque Development Application. Currumbin citizens held rallies and lobbied the city councilors and as a result the mosque application was rejected.

RestoreAustralia also supported Reclaim Australia rallies. Mike was invited to speak at the Newcastle, Canberra and Melbourne rallies. He organized protest rallies outside the Maroochydore mosque, and he also organized the Reclaim Australia rally in Brisbane, November 2015.

To help reach more Australians RestoreAustralia organised the RestoreAustralia Street Rep group by signing up people willing to distribute flyers to letter boxes in their street. The Street Reps helped distribute over 120,000 flyers so far to letter boxes warning Australians about the halal scam.

Throughout this work Mike discussed with Charles ways to bring about their aim to amend the Constitution to bring in CIR. Mike ran in the 2013 election as a One Nation candidate for the seat of Fairfax. Even though he failed to get elected he gained valuable experience in the electoral process and made many good contacts as a result.

After that, Charles and Mike supported Senator John Madigan’s attempt to submit a Bill to the Senate, but the Bill was rejected by the Senate Petitions Group. However, the rejection included suggestions for changing the Bill to make it acceptable to submit to the Senate.

Senator John Madigan
RestoreAustralia published this picture in support of Senator John Madigan urging voters to call talk back radio stations and write to  newspapers in support of his Bill to introduce CIR

Charles worked for the next twelve months to rewrite the Bill, but by that time Senator Madigan was not able to re-submit the bill. However, we will re-submit the revised Bill as soon as possible.

Mike continued to build up awareness of the need for political change. As word spread around the internet more people joined RestoreAustralia. By the time the 2016 election was due Mike realised that the only way to submit a Bill to Parliament was to stand for election himself, or to help others who also support CIR get elected. Mike decided to put himself up as a candidate. Unfortunately, at the same time Charles disagreed with this strategy and they parted ways.

Along the way Mike has gathered a few political enemies…it goes with the territory. A small group of them banded together to create six Facebook pages attacking him. Mike took this as a great compliment as it meant he was upsetting the enemies of freedom, but at the same time he also started legal proceedings to stop the slanderous attacks. Those legal proceedings are still under way, but as a result at least two Facebook pages set up by the attackers have been taken down.

Shortly after Mike announced he was going to run for the Senate Malcolm Turnbull brought about a Double Dissolution. As a result, Mike had to withdraw his nomination to stand for election because there was just not enough time to get organised.

However, the Party, now renamed to the CIRNow Party is gaining new members all the time and the party will be ready to contest the 2019 elections. The Party has a solid set of policies that form part of a holistic approach to changing the way our government operates.

CIRNow is the only political party in Australia with a Vision and a Plan to achieve that vision. Rather than reacting to circumstances, as Australian governments have traditionally behaved, we are creating awareness of the need for change. We are providing leadership to implement changes that will allow the people of Australia to have a say in government. Through this process, we aim to restore Australia’s sovereignty, rebuild our economy, strengthen our defense capabilities, and create a healthier, happier, more prosperous future for every Aussie citizen.

Our policies include putting the power into the hands of We the People to start referendums, changing electoral boundaries to create smaller electorates, eliminate State governments and substitute smaller, more representative regional governments composed of independent citizen representatives instead, and from there initiate a series of carefully considered referendums to bring about gradual change to our Constitution.

We believe that a Constitution, as the supreme law of the land, must be a dynamic document that changes at the Will of the People to keep pace with changes to our political and social needs so that our government can respond to international events to protect citizens. The changes we envision will restore our freedoms and create a strong, independent sovereign nation. We can only achieve this if every citizen has the right to initiate a referendum….bringing in Citizens Initiated Referendums (CIR) is our first and most important core policy.

In August 2016 we changed our name to CIRNow, as our main focus is on amending the Constitution to give all voters a voice in government.



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