Our Vision

The 5-Step Vision

Change is essential for any growth to occur

Our political system is broken and needs to be fixed!

You have two choices:

  1. Keep complaining and leave it up to the “political elite” to keep governing this broken system or…
  2. Join Advance Australia Party and HELP US to change the system.

The political party politicians have had long enough to demonstrate their lack of plans and lack of skills and lack of leadership. The political party system has failed!

We the People need to restore Australia to Health, Wealth, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Citizens Initiate Referendums (CIR) will give us the power to change the system. CIR has worked in Switzerland for more than 100 years, why not here?

We know that we won’t receive support from any of the major parties as they are all in this together and want to protect their careers rather than serve the people. They know that if we the people have the power to start referendums we could make them directly accountable to voters, and they would lose their jobs.

There is only one way to succeed. We the People must vote people into Parliament who believe in CIR and who believe in serving the people, not a political party or their puppet masters.

The Advance Australia Party is different from all of the others!

We have a Plan for the Future. No other party has a plan or the vision to understand how to fix the many problems we face.

Our first step will be to amend our Constitution to give all voters, not just the politicians, the right to start a referendum.

We already have a Bill ready to submit to Parliament to amend Section 128 of the Constitution to bring in Citizens Initiated Referendums (CIR).

  1. CIR is the first step in our 5 Point Plan
  2. The Bill includes electronic voting.
  3. Once we have done that we will reform our electoral system, which will make political parties obsolete.
  4. To ensure we have enough money to run the country efficiently we will reform the tax system. We will eliminate all taxes and bring in a single Bank Transfer tax of 0.1% on each bank transaction.
  5. And finally we will enact a Bill to bring in Service to the Nation so that every able-bodied Australian is required to serve in either the ADF or in civil service. Coupled with this bill will be a plan to make it compulsory for all equipment and services to be provided only by Australians within a set time limit.

If we make just five changes to our current political system we can get Australia back on track.

Click on the pointing finger for more details on the 5-Point Plan…

Special Thanks: Many of the policies CIRNow proposes are inspired by the many years of thought and discussion by the members of the Foundation for National Renewal, led by Lt Col (Ret’d) Charles Mollison. We are indebted to Charles for his guidance and deep insights into the many problems our nation faces.

Many of our ideas are based on the Draft Constitution Charles has published. We have used his words directly in some cases, and in others we have formulated the policies based on his and our many years experience and the thoughts and suggestions we have gained through talking to a wide cross-section of the community. CIRNow is a collaborative effort with and for all Australians.

There is only one way to fix the many political and social ills Australia faces today. We the People must recognize the problems we face first, and then seek the most logical solutions to them, based on the will of the people.


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