Shannon Wallace – An Unnatural Death?

Shannon Wallace was a much loved and respected patriotic young Australian. He was a member of the True Blue Crew. I, Mike Holt, met him at the 2015 Reclaim Australia Rally. I also spoke to him several times after that by phone. He was a good man and we all miss him greatly.

The following is a report I have received from Phil Galea, who was arrested on terrorism charges in August 2016. Since then, he has been detained in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day without trial. This, in a supposedly democratic nation that has laws supposed to prevent such a travesty of justice, is a disgrace; both to our nation and to the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

Shannon Wallace Phil-Galea-arrested

The AFP have tried to have Phil declared insane, but Phil refuses to sign the paperwork the continue to present to him. After talking to him several times on the phone when he has been allowed to call me from prison I can attest that he is not only sane, but extremely aware of his situation. He is staying strong and alert, despite the terrible situation he has been placed in. He is determined to fight the trumped up terrorism charges against him.

When I asked him how he has managed to stay so strong he replied that he has enough evidence to convict the police of crimes against him, and he wants he day in court so that when he is acquitted he can lay charges against the police.

After reading several letters he has written to me I am convince he is telling the truth and that the police are acting, at the very least poorly, if not illegally.


By Phil Galea, sent from prison

shannon-wallaceIn early 2016 I visited Shannon Wallace in what was called The Compound by him and his father. But really it was just a house and a couple of sheds on a large block of land. At the time I gave Shannon audio cassettes and an mp3 CD containing all the recordings I had made so far. He had agreed to bury them in a tin, tape it up and seal it inside another tin and hide it outside the compound.

This was so the recordings could be leaked to the press and online in the event that something happened to me, or they were to be released publicly the day after my trial should be set up again.

Shannon had later warned me that Aaron (no last name given) and Norworthy (?) had informed on me for running a Facebook page, but he didn’t tell me that they had also falsified their statements. Owing to this we felt in danger of police activity against us because the two informers had been dealing in arms dealing and insurance fraud. We knew that the police had more than enough evidence to charge them for these crimes, so they turned on us to try and get out of their own troubles.

However, owing to the nature of my investigations and the corrupt nature of the police interference in the patriot movement, Shannon had agreed to play double agent so as to release everything should the police move on me again.

We employed great pretense and coded communication, but owing to Shannon’s constant drinking he sometimes went too far, or he would miss signals at other times.

Despite this, we would regularly wind up the police to make them think they were going to get us for something real. We even staged a fake fight in a phone conversation to fool the police. This was after I had given him extra tapes and discs and told him I had made recordings of conversations a week before being arrested. We used a pre-arranged code when I let him know I was mailing him conversations I had recorded with Matt Rusen, as well as the calls I had made to various police stations before the solidarity work.

Believing our phone and my house to be bugged we would talk outside or at other locations, making sure we left our phones elsewhere so that we couldn’t be tracked or overheard.

The last time I saw him I gave him sealed instructions to be buried with the tapes on what to do if I was murdered or if I was arrested to stop me from going public after the fake breach of bail charges were dismissed. I had given these to him face-to-face rather than by mail, as a package of sealed instructions I had sent him before had been intercepted by the police, which led to me being attacked in my own home.

shannon wallace reclaim-australiaIf I was murdered (or had an “accident”), Shannon was to use an internet café to sign into my e-mail account and send Blair Cottrell (UPF), Mike Holt (Restore Australia), and Liz Sheppard (Reclaim Australia) all of my recordings from a fake account. Then Shannon was to use the Linux computer I had given him to make dozens of copies of the discs and hand them out to all True Blue Crew Members who were on a list I had given him when he went to the Melton anti-mosque rally. Then he was to hand the discs directly to the press as well.

I also told him that if I was set up again he was to disown me on the phone and internet. Then I asked him to find out my trial date and move secretly to hand all the copies of the recordings to the trustworthy patriots on a list I had prepared. The aim was to get everything released publicly just before my trial. (Mike Holt: This explains why Phil has not been given his day in court. The police are unsure just what evidence he has.)

I put my faith in Shannon, even though I knew he was a drunk and in an advance state of alcoholism, because I believed he still had enough belief in his self-preservation to stick to the plan, knowing that failure to do so would put his life at risk as well. But by sticking to the plan he could safely expose both the church burnings and the conspiracy against the patriot movement that had also involved the 2015 police set-up of me as well.

In hindsight I can see the folly of putting my trust in someone so damaged by alcohol that Shannon may have blabbed to someone he shouldn’t have over the phone, and this has contributed to the situation I find myself in now.

Phil-Galea-arrestedBy tricking the police and denying them a chance to seize my book, The Patriots Cookbook, and forcing them to lose the chance to plant false evidence against me, I placed myself in the precarious situation I am in today. There is no limit to the lengths the police will go to try and stop the full disclosure of their misconduct from being exposed. I believe they would not hesitate to kill anyone who could expose the Victoria Police and AFP’s cover-ups, fake charges, and corruption.

For these reasons, I do not believe that Shannon, a young man who had not yet reached age 30, would just keel over and drop dead without any apparent cause. Even though he was drinking heavily he was in good health, and he had never been sick or shown any signs of having heart problems. The police knew Shannon had the CD’s and other evidence they were desperate to get their hands on. As they had been unable to find the evidence Shannon’s death would be very convenient for them, provided the evidence does not surface later on.

Had he been shot there would have been no doubt that he was murdered. But for Shannon to just suddenly drop dead as he did, it raises some troubling questions.

Why & How I Think Shannon Was Killed

I had conducted several experiments on a “sonic gun” using ultrasound in the year before I was arrested. I found out how lethal and quiet a weapon like this can be. It is silent and very deadly. The victim just dies for no apparent reason, just as Shannon Wallace did. I also learned that the US military had been “experimenting” with a sonic gun since the Vietnam War, and that the Russians had lobbied the UN to have the weapon banned, it is so dangerous.

(Note by Mike Holt: An August 10, 2017 report stated that a group of American diplomats in Havana, Cuba, suffered severe and unexplained hearing loss over the past year, which U.S. officials believe was caused by a covert and advanced sonic device.

The severity of some of the diplomats’ symptoms forced them to cancel their Cuba tours early and return to the U.S. for treatment, the Associated Press reported.)

Because of this, when I heard about the manner of his death while I was in jail I became convinced that Shannon may have been killed by a sonic gun. I need to see the autopsy report on Shannon’s death. If it shows he died of food poisoning, or a drug or alcohol overdose then obviously my suspicions are wrong.  The only way to learn the truth is for Shannon’s autopsy report, as well as his medical records, to be presented to the court at my trial.

What is a Sonic Weapon?

Infrasonic weapons can cause physical pain without detection, though they usually target the entire body rather than just the eardrums.

How much damage can acoustic weapons do?

The damage caused by acoustic weapons can vary from minor irritation to death, theoretically speaking. The effect can depend on the type of weapon and the range involved. Ryan Littlefield, who published a paper with the University of Portsmouth on the topic, says the fatality of such a device is unproven.

shannon wallace lrad_specs

Police have used infrasound for riot control around the world, using it trigger vertigo, imbalance and other medical disruptions, according to Littlefield. In other cases, it’s been shown to cause vomiting and defecation. In still others, the technology has been used to disrupt targets’ hearing.

How long have we been using sound as a weapon?

For decades. It’s believed that, towards the end of the Second World War, Hitler’s chief architect Albert Speer was working on a device called an “acoustic cannon.” The weapon was designed to deafen and potentially kill targets by creating a series of more than 1,000 explosions per second.

According to Motherboard, the device was designed to ignite a mixture of methane and oxygen in a resonant chamber, which would send out a deafening and focused sound that could potentially kill someone within a 300 foot radius in around half a minute. The weapon was never used, but it paved the way for the use of sonic weapons in warfare.

Various types of sonic warfare has occurred worldwide over the past century, from “audio-harassment” campaigns carried out by the U.S. in Vietnam in the 1970s to the employment of a device called “The Scream” by the Israeli army during a demonstration in 2005. “Sound cannons,” meanwhile, have been deployed in as many as 70 countries around the world.

What’s a sound cannon?

The LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device) sound cannon was developed by the U.S. military in collaboration with the LRAD Corporation following the USS Cole suicide bombing. During the October 2000 incident, an explosion ripped a hole in the ship’s hull while in a Yemen port, killing 17 U.S. sailors.

Following the attack, the LRAD Corporation developed the LRAD in the hope of keeping small boats away from warships. But sonic devices also have a history of being used to disrupt protests in the U.S. They are thought to have been used for the first time publicly in 2009, when Pittsburgh officials fired a sound cannon during a protest over a two-day G20 meeting. According to The New York Times, the cannon “emitted shrill beeps, causing demonstrators to cover their ears and back up.”

“Other law enforcement agencies will be watching to see how it was used,” said Nate Harper, the Pittsburgh police bureau chief at the time. “It served its purpose well.”

How do they work?

LRAD devices produce a deafening sound that can be heard up to 5.5 miles away. According to Gizmodo, anyone within 100 meters of the device’s sound path will experience extreme pain, and anyone within 15 meters can experience permanent hearing loss. One version of the device can cause severe headaches in anyone within a 300-meter range.

LRAD systems are now used in more than 70 countries around the world. They have various uses, including maritime security, wildlife control and preservation, and border and port security. LRAD Sound Cannons are also deployed at airports to deter birds from flying in the path of aircraft.

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