War in our Backyard

Sent to me by a friend:

There is a major war taking place in our own back yard. The city of Marawi in Mindanao has been taken by ISIS backed forces and the Philippines Army is losing ground. Australian Orions are flying overhead coordinating air strikes.

The US is going to start Airstrikes soon. Muslim fighters from Malaya and Indonesia are flooding in to back up ISIS. There are 230 million Muslims in Indonesia and 70 million Muslims in Malaysian who hate our guts. Meanwhile the Australian government is focusing on same sex marriage and becoming a republic.

We are fxxxked!

From a friend in America:

North Korea has 70 or more subs and only 2nd to the U.S. submarine arsenal….

Officials have stated in the past, only a few can be undetected and are not diesel driven. This is a new paradigm of potential nuclear war with North Korea.

China is standing in the way of a U.S. pre-emptive strike, stating they will “intervene if necessary, or otherwise, if North Korea attacks first, then China will stand-down.”

Here’s the problem President Trump and his generals must clarify….

What’s considered an “attack by North Korea,” and does China expect death and destruction as a prerequisite before “standing-down?”

Most Americans would agree, an attack is the launching of a missile with intent to back-up claims of destruction on America or it’s allies. But oops ! The missile never makes it to land and splashes harmlessly into the ocean. But do WE wait and hope each missile launch is a dud? Or…are we looking at a clever diversion by Munchkin-Un and then all hell breaks loose?

This “game of chicken” has gone-on for decades and each month that passes now….Munchkin-Un’s nuclear capabilities are expanding.

There are two major factors that stalls any pre-emptive strike on North Korea…and that is the 99% probability, Seoul in the south will not be able to withstand 21,000 plus warheads that would launch within seconds of knowing the U.S. military is about to bombard the north into oblivion.

The second factor is the sensitive balancing act with China…..and if China responds, a limited reprisal by China against U.S. forces will be isolated in that region, but if the ultimate happens….an ICBM nuke attack into America, then it will be all she wrote for humanity and WWIII begins.

We are experiencing history in the making and we are witnesses for the future…..

From My Friend:

My thoughts on how this will play out. Hope I’m wrong.


Indonesia and Malaysia are condoning the sending of ISIS fighters to Mindanao in the Philippines. Anyone listening?

China is obviously siding with North Korea without saying as much. Read again the above message from a friend in the US of A.

So, the United States is supposed to sit and wait for a nuke to hit Washington DC or somewhere else like Guam before they act?

North Korea as you have read has 70 nuclear armed submarines. They cannot be detected. Australia has been warned not to get into the ring with America, so what does Malcolm do? He gets out there on the stage and says “We will back the United States to the hilt”. What the hell with? We have been almost totally disarmed already and the few soldiers we do have are in Afghanistan.

Iran is waiting in the wings to jump into the ring with North Korea. Indonesia will most certainly take the opportunity to jump into Australia while Canberra is still wrangling over the same sex marriage scenario, and we are left without semi auto rifles to defend the Nation against any attack from Indonesia.

DO NOT expect the UN to help us. They will help the Indonesians, this is their big goal after all, and the cleansing out of the whites. Read the UN Charter to get some real education on what that evil mob has in store for us.

Heaven help us. Our Government won’t.



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