A Kingdom, A Republic, or an Independent Sovereign Nation?


Someone asked me the other day why I am against what Stephen Spiers is proposing?

I was born under a monarchy (UK), I have lived under another monarchy in Thailand. So I know what it means to live in a Monarchy. I have also read Spiers’ book and found that he had some good ideas, but he has misinterpreted the intentions of our Founding Fathers, and that has led him up a path that is impractical and unworkable.

Stephen Spiers

In addition, I have read our constitution, Common Law, and the English Bill of Rights 1688.

This has led me to realize that Australia must eventually become a sovereign independent nation, with the people in charge of our own destiny and our laws based on the centuries of hard-fought for laws and freedoms guaranteed us by our Constitution.

We, the people of the Commonwealth of Australia (not the UK) should and must have the right and the power to decide our own destiny.

I have heard people ask why HM Queen Elizabeth the Second (with the Corgis) has not done anything to protect us from the rapacious, criminal, traitors who have usurped our Parliament and our laws.

The truth is, she has no power to decide anything for the Australian people. She has even said that if we want to resolve our Constitutional crisis then WE, the people of the Commonwealth of Australia must do it ourselves.

Spiers would have us live under yet another monarch dictatorship. And who would be king? I think the answer is very obvious, even though he denies it.

Nowhere in our constitution does it mention having an Australian kingdom. I am a constitutionalist first, foremost, and only. I believe that the Australian people should govern ourselves, under our own set of laws….Government by the Will of the people. That is the purpose of the My Will Letter campaign: https://mywillaustralia.com

And the type of government we decide on lies in the hands of the people….not political parties, and certainly not wanna-be kings or dictators.

But to get the type of government we need we have to return to our roots first, so that we have the right to initiate referendums (Section 128 of our constitution) asking the people what they want. My wants, and those Spiers wants, are irrelevant.

By returning to our 1901 Constitution we will regain the right to ask the people if we want Citizens Initiated Referendums. This is guaranteed to us under Section 128. ONLY We, the People of the Commonwealth of Australia have the power to amend/change our Constitution. Parliament is bound by the Constitution to carry out the will of the people voted on in a Referendum. The problem is, we have not voted in a referendum since 1999…and the treasonous bastards even ignored the results of that last referendum, because they asked if we wanted to become a Republic. We replied a resounding NO….but they went ahead and did it anyway.

These traitorous politicians will not ask us any more questions in a Referendum. They don’t want us to have a say in the way our country is run. They want to continue running our country as a political party corporate dictatorship.

I’m sorry. But that is not going to happen for much longer. Too many people are waking up to the massive treason these scum have committed.

Look at the question of homosexual marriage. That was a plebiscite, which is merely a poll. A plebiscite is not binding on the government. But they went ahead anyway and altered the Constitutional definition of marriage set by our Founding Fathers more than a Century ago when men were men and they married women….not each other!

Once we return to Constitutional government, free of the political party dictatorship, we can initiate a series of carefully considered referendums to reform our government system and create the kind of nation that the majority of people want. If the majority decide that we all want to become an independent sovereign nation with a President, or even a King, then that is what we will have. But Spiers would have this happen without following our Constitutional laws.

I know one thing for sure, none of us want to live under this political party dictatorship any longer.

The names I have chosen to run this campaign are self-explanatory. CIRNow, represents our desire to put the power to decide the future of our nation into the hands of the people. Only We, the People of the Commonwealth must have the power to decide our own destiny.

Our Advance Australia website lays out a plan to implement our desire to take our country forward to a healthy wealthy and happy future.

What Stephen Spiers proposes is another form of Royal slavery. That’s not the kind of nation I want to live in.

Do you?

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