Australian Human Rights Commission Act

Australian Human Rights are under attack by the Turnbull government


Don’t be fooled. Turnbull is not the only politician who has been working to undermine and destroy our Constitutional government and substitute and Australian Republic, owned and managed by the UN. The work they have been doing is exposed in their Plan, the United Nations Agenda 21, which has since morphed into Agenda 21/30.



Unless you know your legal rights under our Constitution, and legally constituted laws, you will be and you will remain a victim of government and political party corruption and dictatorship.

Know your Constitution. Download the original 1901 Constitution and read it carefully. As you read, you will begin to understand how governments since 1918 have worked to undermine this most sacred book of supreme laws. Once you see this, you will be able to fight back to regain our rights, bestowed on us by generations of man and laws…our inalienable rights to Freedom.

Click on the link to download the text of the Australian Human Rights Commission Act.

This is the link to download the text of the Bill to Amend the Australian Human Rights Commission Act. Read these amendments so that you understand just what the political parties and their UN masters want to do to us.