Encrypt your messages

The government recently announced that they are banning us from sending secret messages, or even using encryption software to keep our information confidential.

As usual, the politicians show that they do not understand how computers and the internet work. It is simply impossible for them to limit our right to freedom of speech, or to stop us encrypting our ideas to hide them from government snooping.

Our team has written a very simple program we call Enigma, after the World War 2 encryption machine used by the Nazis that the Brits cracked.

Our Enigma is impossible to crack because we use a system called a “One Time Pad” encryption key. Both people exchanging messages must have the same encryption keys saved to a USB stick.

Before explaining how to use Enigma, you might find this video about the original Enigma machine very interesting:

Download Your Copy of Enigma

We are making Enigma available for anyone who wishes to use it. Download it here:
Get your Enigma Encryption Machine

Save the program and operate from only a USB stick.


It does not work on Mac or Apple computers.

Whenever you have sensitive information you want to encrypt and then email your message to someone, just follow these steps:

  1. Create your one-time encryption key. To do this the first time make a long password and send it to the other person securely. We recommend using Proton Mail. Or you can write the password into a Word document or a Notepad text and then Print it to a PDF file. When saving the PDF give it a password. Then email it to the person you want to start sending encrypted messages to, but do not include the password. Send it to them in a separate email, or by some other means. You will only use this password once, but make sure you transmit it securely so that no one else can learn what it is.
  2. From then on, always include a new password in each encrypted message you exchange, so that you are changing the password for each response.

How to Encrypt and Decrypt messages:

Making sure you have turned off the internet, insert your USB stick with Enigma on it into a USB port on your computer, and double click Enigma_PRO_Machine.exe to start the encryption program. It will look like this:

You are ready to start typing your message into the SOURCE field.

Then copy the password you sent the other person and paste it into the password field, like this:

Click on the Encrypt button. This will create code in the result field, like this:

Now, copy the entire encrypted message like this:

=&lx!h?RBAel&5w07kVNLV0ZQWy_yunT2,@s9 1"WO?)hxfmk?\TAUw8h6~_UhGLGJ9KJHWniviK,8 $^o/H~v=- DhAh=#Qq@Mg!1~3ZBeq%dgoDYnbTT
C@D)Q-vw%0hq097V_L_qHJI3tsQ bL)1$d^"K-v=kj kp’USMY9j41/YV~lJJTdIS
qFoZ)&.1$p’!m-= &^_DtA\TAUR7w5w:Um~6GZ.t

Paste the message into an email and send your message. The only person who will be able to read it is the other person holding the encryption password you already sent them.

To Decrypt a message:

All you do to decrypt a message is to reverse the process. Paste the encrypted message in the SOURCE field, use the password the other person sent you. Click on the Decrypt button. Your message will appear in plain text in the result field, like this:

That’s it. Easy isn’t it?