We can hold them all Liable

People around the world are waking up to the massive fraud that has been perpetrated against us by those “in power”. We have been duped into accepting their “authority” because we were not aware of how the system really works.

This is changing, and the In-Power movement is helping educate people.

What In-Power shows in the following video is how those “in power” have created a commercial system of government operating separate from our Commonwealth of Australia / Canada / UK / USA Constitutions. Each government of these countries, and most other nations around the world, is a registered Corporation.

How can you prove this?

Look at any document, infringement notice, rates demand, etc, and you will see a registered business number — In Australia this is called an ABN; an Australian Business Number.

Now ask yourself, “Why does a government need a Business Number?”

Once you ask this question you have started the journey to understanding how the system works.

More importantly, you are ready to start learning how you can stop the harm governments are doing to us and make each person in the chain that is attempting to harm you accountable for their actions.

Once you make them accountable they must either accept their liability and pay you for the harm they have caused — or they must resign immediately.

As more people start holding these criminals and TRAITORS accountable, we create the power to change the system. We can do that through the intelligent use of Citizens Initiated Referendums (CIR) coupled with digital voting that will allow us to vote anywhere, any time, on any issue — putting the power into the hands of We, the People of the Commonwealth, instead of giving our power to the political parties.

It is up to you to know what your rights are, how to apply them, and ultimately to create a better future for all of us…and those who will follow us down the ages.

It’s time to stop the corruption and TREASON and start taking responsibility for our actions, and it’s time to make those who seek to harm us accountable for their actions. This video explains how:

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